world of love

world of love

Beautiful words about love and lover

  • Posted: 17/07/2023

It's not hard to die for the girl you love: what's hard is not even being able to die for her.

It takes just 1 second to see someone, 1 hour to like someone, 1 day to love someone: and 1 lifetime to forget someone.

If you dedicate your love to someone, you don't know yet whether he will be able to respond to you or not: but don't trust that he will return the love to you. Just wait for your love to arise in her heart: even if it doesn't, be happy that you have love in that magnificence of your heart!

Love is like a toothache in people's hearts.

Affectionate behavior is the best way to prove love than passionate vows.

Love is both the beginning and the end of our existence.

Love is the only entity to which even a wise man bows.

Love is a disease that has no cure: it goes away by itself.

To love is happiness: and the greatest happiness in the world is to be loved.

Getting rid of suffering in love is the most difficult stage: because it is the stage that returns.

Love and life are the same concepts: He who does not love does not live, and life without love: living death.

It is the only feeling in the world that has no boundaries.

In general, everything in the world makes us make mistakes: we make the funniest mistakes in love.

The bitterest sorrow in the world and the sweetest joy in lovelives: one condemns you to death, and the other saves you from death.

The only word that keeps the world alive is: I love you!

It is the only feeling that makes you forget the surrounding pains and sufferings enough to last you a lifetime!

The worst feature of love: it causes the collapse of two sacred factors in a person: pride and greed.

Lovers all over the world think about this question: why when we love: can't we choose the words we need for what we love? - we regret as a result.

Love is like an hourglass: On the one hand it fills the heart and on the other hand it empties the mind.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw not myself, but a big heart, and in that heart, you are bigger than that

They said you can't be a slave without mistakes, so I forgave you! Not because you are a slave, but because I have a mistake...!!!

If you come back one day and say that living without you was death for me .. My last words to you "It's too late to live but too early to die

Today I will love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow...

While the fear of losing is still in me, you say with your eyes, I will return one day. The body is waiting, because it can't do anything, but the heart is crying every day without you

What happened my friend, your eyes are old again? What happened again, burn your heart? Or did a boyfriend break your heart, my love hurt your heart? Dear friend, one day you cry, one day you will smile, one day you will laugh again... every dark night is a bright tomorrow they say there is

You know the love of fishes. They don't touch each other, but they always feel their love in their hearts. I can't touch you now because you are always in my heart

If I had known that death was the only thing that would bring you to me, I would not have waited for Azrael to come

Living without longing, longing without love, and love without you.... Remember, love is not always equal. It is to be able to keep you alive in the heart even when you are not there

Sometimes 1 minute equals 1 day, sometimes 1 day equals one minute. The only thing worth my time is the moments when you are with me!!!

A sweet smile hit me from the bottom. He was stunned when he saw itfrom the beauty of my eyes. The word "I love" broke me to the core, Let me go, fairy, if you don't love me

When falling in love, one loses one's mind and feels this loss only after marriage.

When you forgive, you get tired, when you are alone, but the thing that tires you the most is dreams is to build, even though he knows it won't happen.

I wasn't the wrong person in the right place, but I still wasn't loved. I realized: I was abandoned because I was the right person in the wrong place...

If there is betrayal in the eye, loyalty in the word is meaningless...

If you knew how much I love you... I really couldn't say that I love you... But you were too blind to see it.

Updated: October 29, 2015


Beautiful words about love and lover

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