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world of love

Don't lie to love

  • Posted: 17/07/2023

Don't lie to love. If so, What is Yusuf and Zuleikha's job in the Qur'an?

While he's gone"No, I don't like "I forgot" and if your hands and feet are intertwined when you see him, you are in love.

Those who say let's stay friends after love is over, if you give the rose another name, will it smell different?

If his eyes smile at you before his lips, and your heart trembles when you see him, that's love.

In fact, you don't want to talk in front of him, because at that moment you want to be silent and look into his eyes. is the biggest opportunity.

Love is like a candle burning in a dark tunnel. It shows you the way, but what is far away doesn't say

Man longs for what he has left behind, clings to what is within his reach, clings to what he cannot get, and what is unattainable there will always be love.

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What was love? To put the soul of your dreams in the body you like? To be happy with you, always with you To want? To be excited when you see? To be happy when you think about it?

Love wants to touch, laugh. come to the tongue and love wants to flow from the lips to the heart.

How crazy one-sided love is.

Kind of weird, isn't it? We both have one heartI have mine, you have mine

An Iranian poet says, "When you fly in love, your wings burn." Mevlana says, "What's the use of wings after love doesn't fly?" Yunis says to Amra, "Who will look for wings after falling in love?"

If my voice stops when I mention your name one day, my breath stops when I dream, and my eyes get wet when I lose my longing, know that I just miss you.

Why is it nice to hug, you know? Because there is no heart on the right side and it is always empty .When he hugs, his right side fills his heart.

The person you will fall in love with should be someone you can trust when your eyes can't see and your ears can't hear. because love makes a person both deaf and blind.

Faith is like love. He doesn't want proof. He doesn't expect a logical explanation. Either there is, or there isn't.

What you call love must either come from GOD or be for GOD...Or it must be delivered to GOD: otherwise, it should be one with the ground….

Love is possession, I think. It's just wanting to be with you. The more trust, the more love. What you are looking for is love. Maybe it's just a joke.

Eyes that are a part of the goddess, eyes that are your fiercest oppressor and weapon... Shoot, let your heart heal with your glorious weapon, you are beautiful both when you shoot and when you kill

The coming of love is the departure of reason.

A person in love sees acne as a pimple.

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Missing is a drop of tears, If missing is felt everywhere, Missif you don't throw away the curl in your heart, I miss you.

Love is like a butterfly. When you run after it, it runs away from you. It's best to let it fly, maybe never when you don't expect it, it comes and lands on your shoulder.

This is how my love makes my pain sweet.

Now here, here I stand like a broken nail. dear, it just hurts me.

Ours was not a love story. Ours was love, the rest was a story.

If love is nourished by tears.

The difference between first love and last love: when one thinks one's first love is last and one thinks one's last love is first seeing with his eyes.

Touch your skin? Let my eyes enter your eyes, that's enough.

I am a silent cleric in Iraq, and you are the love of my heart... >

It was a bit of courage, actually love. It was acceptance, what will happen, what will not happen too.

At first, I was afraid of the dark, I shuddered at the rain, now the darkness is my confidant, the rains have become my tears.



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