Interesting statuses from each other

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

Do you know what masculinity is? Masculinity smokes cigarettes here and there and flirts with women looking, drinking and teasing left and right, being a quarrelsome, drunkard, dishonorable person is not going from one girl to another girl.. Masculinity ! Knowing your responsibility. To see a girl is to bow down in shame. Manhood is to be hostile to drink. Masculinity is to be fearless, but not to be a brawler. Masculinity is not to go from girl to girl, but to make the girl he loves an uncle!

1 house is burning, you have a friend and a lover inside. Which one will you save? Put the question 1 aside, your friend and your lover are in the same house what's up =)

Teacher : Called ??? -MameD : Yes teacher call hit… -Teacher: Well, then I why didn't I hear your voice? -MameD : Teacher "Bez Zvuka" < /strong> that's why we posted it...xD < /span>

Why does a boy kiss a girl's hand??? John: it's fine.. < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #ff00ff;"> Fred: - respect, courtesy.. Mamed: - gotta start somewhere xD

Red Hat to Pitbull One Day < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #00ccff;"> get married, have children and name, Redbull

Little grandchildren to their grandmothers they approach and ask: - Grandma, how have we been? Grandma: Baby, the storks brought you. One of the grandchildren: Children, how many strong> that we gave everything to our grandmother < /span> let's figure it out…xD

I said these numbers 953456782 times fake reading skip

I'm sure the person who doesn't know what the MC, MR, M- and M-keys are on the calculator I'm not the only one ;))

Neither Emir nor Kivanch nor any boy from another country ♥ Homelandmy boys can't have ♥ nails like that ♥:)) < strong> The girl who said vzv at I will buy you

"He" laughs at my imagination. I dream of her smile… :/

The girl who is not jealous of her boyfriend has an ex-boyfriend that she is jealous of :/

There are 2 things I can't reconcile with in life: < /strong>

1) With my ID photo < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #0000ff;"> 2) With my photo from my student card

Life is about what you lose from the left while following the right on the bus =/

When I see I'm going the wrong way, I pull my phone out of my pocket and pretend I've received a message indicating a change of plan.

The season of "Girls wearing glasses" has begun =))

Coca Cola in 1886. The first refrigerator was made in 1913. That is, after 27 years of drinking cola hot, why do they later say "drink it cold"? :/

You buy from the supermarket, but the shopkeeper in the funeral home will come :/

I don't hit my phone against the wall out of anger

When I walk into a supermarket and pass the cash register without buying anything, I still feel like I'm stealing something: DDD

Water costs 5 manats in a restaurant in Targovu. If something gets stuck in my throat in that restaurant, I will retreat and silently wait for my death."> :DDD

I wonder if someone called me with headphones on? I can't listen to 1 song because of thinking that =/ :DDD

Yawning is actually an indicator that our body has 10% battery remaining =)



Interesting statuses from each other

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