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  • Posted: 17/07/2023

If 1 woman asks you “What? " if he asks the question, it doesn't mean he doesn't hear you. It just lets you say something else

Those who live life without spirit are those who suffer not life but themselves. Even if the one you love doesn't love you, even if his eyes don't see you, even if his heart isn't yours, know that some of you have these things in you, maybe very close, maybe impossible...

I know two blind people in my life; 1.i who can't see anyone but you, 2.i you who can't see me...:(

If you are honest enough, if you are quite in love and if you really love, then you are ready: – You can already be unhappy… :/ ♥

Even after we broke up, when you get close to others, I think you cheated on me. How strange. :/ ♥

But I thought you would never fail to make me sad :'(

I listened so patiently to what you talked about others.. :/ ♥ < /span>

But still a single pen understands the pure truth.. That I love him too much unnecessarily. .=/

” If you love at birth, then distance should not scare you.. – because never forget; some of them were far away when he was with me..." =/

Was this city for one person??! – It was empty after you left… =/

I'm tired of listening to the same song all day and missing the same person =/ ♥

When you feel the absence of someone so deeply, one cannot love another.. : /

It's not that I haven't seen you, I still miss you when you're with me.. ='/ ♥

I met him secretly. >

If the day comes when we can be together, I won't complain even once about waiting till the end ♥ ♥ ♥ < /strong>

I just want a hug, like in my dream last night... :/ ♥ < /span>

If you were with me, I would beat you for the days you were gone... :/ ♥ < /span>

I wish there was only 'He' and 'I' in the world.. > Like Adam And Eve; -He Obliges Me – I Oblige Him .♥

– If you love, go hug me. Yes, he was waiting for me with open arms.

heart: I want it :/ < br> Brain: You got killed last time too :'/ < /p>

Show what you love, to hide is to give others a chance ♥

You are trying to forget a person you really want to know. Life is indeed very strange :/ ♥

Don't value others more than yourself, you will either lose them or destroy yourself :/ < /strong>

There is someone I love more and more every day :/ ♥

Those who enter your life as if to give their life, will take your life...:( ♥

I don't regret anything I've been through, I'm just convinced once again that I deserve better... :/ ♥

The scariest sentence when talking on the phone; "Look who I give you":)

Darix !Darix! You'll be crazy eventually

For example, I would like to be as lucky as someone who has never been in love :(

All empty actually, On the wall in front of your house if it's up to me; If I write `I LOVE YOU' and every time I open the window , Just look at that wall and the biggest comment you write; When you say `I HAVE YOU', Laughing :(

Because I don't want to lose you, I've always been powerless in wars :(

There's something about getting closer to Him every time we argue :/ < /strong>

I don't want anyone but you ♥

It's far apart( I can neither love you nor you love me :/ < /span>

What should I answer to those who ask? Did I miss it? Or should I say I didn't like it at all? :(

After you left I realized this : Even my dreams were already for you :((

I really don't care how many people there are in the world, I want you... :/ ♥ < /strong>

– I know you love it too, but not me :/

I hate myself for not being able to hate you.. :/



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