Beautiful statuses from each other

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

I didn't understand when you did you become my life ♥ :/

Being able to rest your head on your shoulder when you're bored is worth everything ♥ :/ < /span>

♥ /

I don't want to laugh every minute...Scream when it's time, you're just jealous over a common topic get upset about but let's never part ♥ :/

If I could change the time, I would first destroy the minutes without you..♥ < /strong>

I'll get angry, angry, yell at you, but no one can love you more than me... .Do you understand ?! ♥

Rain is the prayer of the leaf, sun is the prayer of the earth. My prayer is that my beloved is always happy ♥ >

If we could talk, I would explain a lot to you ♥ :/

It was hard to love again, I did it. But I don't know if I can forget it again! ♥ :/

A lover is not someone you look for and find. He fell in love without thinking...♥ :/

If they ask me If one day they tell me to forget it, I won't forget, I'll say everything, Are you tired of being told about this love I don't know it, I'll say it's my loving heart. But if they say they love someone else, I'll just say disloyal with bitterness < /p>

Girl: What will you do if we break up? Boy: I'm going to see my ex. They leave the next day. After 1 day, the boy goes to the girl's house and knocks on her door. Girl: Why did you come? Boy: I said that if we break up, I will go to my ex-boyfriend. ♥

Let's play a game with you. You hide in my eyes, I hide in your heart..

As children, we wanted to grow up to have everything. We grew up, now we always want to stay a child to get away from everything.

Sometimes we miss someone terribly. If the person we miss knows that we miss him so much, he will be ashamed of his absence..♥

I want the result of our love to walk in our house.♥ < /span>

I loved you even if you didn't. I loved you so much that I loved you even if you left me. I loved you so much that if you laughed, I loved you even if I cried. I loved you so much that even if you said it was over, I loved you. I loved you so much that I cried for you. I loved you so much that I loved my absence for you..

The woman you love: protect like a sister, love like a wife, respect like a mother. ♥

In fact, sometimes people apologize not because they admit they are guilty, but just to keep the other person quiet. .

If you love one; both your pain and your hope...! .♥

Hazrat Ali (pbuh) used to pray like this: "My God, what is in my heart is about me do good, please those who are good about me."

I heard that you gossiped about me and refrained from telling me to my face. You are afraid of a weakling like me, you are not afraid of God.

If someone comes and says "I love you" one day, I will say "I have him". If someone comes one day and says, "Someone else loves," I will say, "Let the one who loves be happy." If someone says "He got married and forgot you" one day, I will say "Bless you". If someone comes one day and says, "He had a child, he named it after you," I will say, "God forbid." If someone says "He died" one day, "I die every day, is that one day too many?" I will say

A good person is not a pure person who does not have sins in his mind, a good person is aware of evils and sins and good. it is the person who chooses.



Beautiful statuses from each other

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