Funny statuses

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

Loneliness – in the football game between Azerbaijan and Brazil, To be the goalkeeper of Brazil

I don't wish anyone to be lonely enough to sit in front of the TV and watch Tom and Jerry all day

Actually, ladies are very gentle and patient.. But some men make them barely shy =)

Famous Mother's Saying the buyer will return it to you in 3 days, you will see =)

If you want a long-term relationship, < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #5c5c5c;"> Stay away from the 3 blues: Facebook, Twitter, Skype :)))

I'm calling all my friends from a secret number, pretend they're ex-boyfriends.=) >

who ran away when the doorbell rang! We are deaf students who don't hear when the bell rings :) ))

When I was a child, I used to think that mandarin is a baby orange.. < br> I would eat the orange first and save the tangerine for the end so as not to suffer "child pain" =) >

Status of a girl who has 3 friends on Facebook – "Hello People, I'm here" :) )

When it was his turn to speak at school, he held his hands over his ears, those who pretend to repeat a lesson - the real Oscar goes to you! =))

Why do shampoo commercials always show girls with long hair? Girls with short hair wash their hair with Mr. ARIELL...?=)

To the one who took my mind, my heart is a gift:D < /p>

When I meet my ex; I closed my eyes with my hand and passed by like that. He understood that I don't want to see his face anymore..=)

The girl who irons her hair today will wash it in the washing machine tomorrow.:D < /span>

At this moment, many men are thinking about another woman, and those thousands of women are thinking "I wonder tomorrow what shall I wear?" he thinks.))

Love is like football, you win or lose, and when it's tied you get married =)

If a girl sees the 70% discount at Mango while walking by and doesn't react and keeps staring at you , that girl loves you :D:D

Hey, what a question! Do boys like it more or girls? Of course, boys. Loving 3-4 girls at the same time is not an easy task! :))

When I look in the mirror, I want to bite my own cheeks, how cute, my God ♥

Life is beautiful if you know how to live, < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #a60a0a;"> Love is a sign if you know how to look, Happiness is boredom, you know how to draw .. I'm a headache, get rid of me - if you can :D

Dear girls, please take a jacket with you, it's cold for us too

I apologize to the people I innocently slapped and bought their cars in GTA!:D

While a girl leaving the salon has a burst of confidence, the boy leaving the barbershop is the shortest way home. will search.:D

People walk hand in hand on the boulevard because they love it, and I still paint "HoH" on the window and draw a heart shape ..xD

I love you so much, but I can't forget Ayda, I'm sorry Fira you have to understand that Leyla is in my heart, I wish you hurt Fidan more than you, yes, I love you too, Gunay, I will call you in the evening, if you give me Nata's number

Do you know how I chose my husband? I shouted: smart people to the left, beautiful people to the right! Someone was late...look it was him, I caught him!:D

Dear heart, don't be upset about everything, your business is to circulate the blood. Sincerely: Brain:D

If only you knew how much I want you. I don't want a stone to hit your foot. I want it all to happen:)

Half of our life is spent looking for the lover of our dreams, and the other half is spent wishing we hadn't found it:))

However, I'm not like I won't be loved...! Why don't you love me, you bull..! ?

I pulled out a knife to the girl who said, "I will die for you". aa

When we were kids, we watched Tarzan half-naked, Cinderella used to come home at 12 o'clock, < span style="font-size: medium; font-family: 'Palatino Linotype'; color: #a60a0a;"> Pinocchio always lied, Batman drove the car at 300 km per hour, Princess Pamuk lived with 7 men, Red Kit always had a cigarette in his mouth, Temel reis had pipes and tattoos, Pacman always swallowed drugs. We grew up watching them, is it our fault now?:D:D=)

The only guy who gives 40 of his life to the same girl, even if he comes to life 40 times — SUPER MARIO is…



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