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  • Posted: 19/07/2023

Interview 1 < /span>

You can be considered a famous person. But for those who don't know, who is Garagan? How would you introduce yourself? Just a citizen of Azerbaijan.

Where did you get interested in rap? For example, you could sing in the pop genre, why rap? Rap himself demanded that black American citizens get their civil rights. It is a type of music that took a mass picture in its time. And the main essence, the main purpose of this type of music was to convey the truth to people and tell the truth. Perhaps what attracted me to rap is that it is an art of creativity rather than music. True, this may seem like a non-serious business to the representatives of our older generation. But at that time, when Mirza Alakbar Sabir and Jalil Mammadguluzade published Molla Nasreddin, their older generations also pointed and laughed at them. Publishing magazines was regarded as a bad habit that came from Europe. Right now, rap is experiencing the same problem in Azerbaijan. That is, if you write the same word in a book, it will be serious literature, and if you say it with a microphone, it will be non-serious rap. But the essence of the word remains the same.

There is a protest, a rebellion in your songs. What do you object to? Protest rebellion is inside every young person. That is, even when dividing it into life cycles and stages, the age of 18-21 is regarded as a period of rebellion for every person. And every young person must go through this stage of self-awareness and development. So to speak, this was a sign of evolution and development. That is, we are not talking about a specific rebellion or criticism, we are talking about the impetus for the transition of an entire society from the old stage to the new stage. I think that as HOST, we just expanded the musical framework in the minds of young people of Azerbaijan. We were able to increase the seriousness of the topics in music. I don't know to what extent you are interested in rap, but philosophical and serious topics began to be used more often in Azerbaijani rap after HOST. Maybe this kit may seem like an inside job. But imagine 13-14-year-old children. All they see are clumsy and illiterate teachers. I am not talking about the Russian-speaking crowd. Russian-speaking people have always used feature films, magazines and books to increase their intellectual knowledge. But precisely in post-independence Azerbaijan, not much could be done for the development of young people. And we come across a strange syndrome. "Shallow" syndrome in Azerbaijani youth. In fact, our struggle, rebellion and protest was against shallow minds and thoughts.

You repeated the success in rap in literature. Where did the idea to write a novel come from? To be honest, I have been writing since childhood. In other words, ten years ago I was doing something black. I loved to write something. I was born in a generally intellectual family and grew up with the smell of books from childhood. I probably owe the first thing I wrote to my parents, who sometimes took the ball and toys away from me and gave me books. That's where the desire to write came from. As you read, you learn, and as you learn, you want to share what you know. Let me say this, I started with the desire not to write a novel, but just to share it.

Winning the National Book Award seems to have come as a surprise to you too... I was in the military at the time and, frankly, I was not ambivalent about contests and competitions. . It always seemed to me that some kind of familiarity, kinship, money was the main factor here. But when I suddenly said that you won the first place, I couldn't believe it. And I'm just glad that all is not lost. In fact, a genius artist could have received this award. But my receiving this award encouraged hundreds of young people like me to pick up a pen and write for the first time. I remember, even earlier, when there was a discussion among young writers about such contests and awards, the children would laugh and say, "Who the hell is he?"

You always speak out against the negative situations in society in your songs, so you have a sincere answer to this question. can you give: What are the shortcomings of the National Book Award? In any case, there were not nuances that you did not like. By God, what can I tell a lie, as I said at the time, I was in the army. I had no idea how the book was chosen, who chose it. I only know that it seems that those who read the books did not know about the scores given by each other. Something like this such things, contests, elections, judges, documents and deeds have always been dark for me. I just get bored when I pay too much attention to such things, and in meetings with writers, when everyone starts talking, I get bored of talking for a long time and think of some kind of game for myself. Or I count the seats inside, or I'm looking out the window. What's missing in the competition. Before there was no National Book Competition, now there is. What could be wrong here? I think it can be done better in the future. But that's what happened with time. The first Oscar competition is also much weaker than the current one. But when something new sprouts, our nation tries to break his back. But we had to hold him by the hand.

Your success in literature has led to the formation of critical opinions against you. There were those who considered your work weak and claimed that it did not deserve the award. What do you think when you hear these ideas? Do you see these comments as jealousy of a young man's success, or do you really agree with the criticism? I'm generally a person who doesn't like negativity towards me. Not criticism, just negative energy. In other words, if someone's words make me feel bad, why should I listen to them? It is true that in our country there is freedom of speech and everyone has the right to say what they want. However, even though it is not in the constitution, everyone has the freedom of "hearing". That is, the right to hear what he wants or not to hear what he does not want. When I came back from the army and saw that everyone was criticizing me, I took my head and went to Europe. I went to Kiev, from there to Odessa, from there to Crimea, then a little further down to Istanbul, I walked around for myself. I'm 23 years old, why waste my time reading negative opinions? Do I want to be the best writer in the world so I listen to criticism and correct myself? No, my own reader was enough for me. If anyone doesn't like it, they know, I don't look down on such things. Every time someone comes to see if they have written a criticism about you, I don't read it. I'm not afraid of criticism, I just like it. If I was afraid, I would read it so that I could answer quickly to save my life.

What do you think: if some young person writes an interesting piece of fiction, admit that it is really interesting When do you have to wait for the author to get old? I don't know, we have a little age syndrome was staying. This feature in our nationthere is But his life will be five or ten years. The world is developing and becoming globalized very fast. These issues will be resolved in a little while.

Those who stick to certain parties and publish a few books a year are not so targeted, but your critics they don't want to forget you, what is the reason for this? They probably see that I am not making a sound. He also criticizes. Looking at it like this, what is wrong here? They criticize - good for them > I don't read reviews - that's fine with me too < /span> The crowd is confused - and the crowd is good. The book is advertised - good for the book The rating of some newspapers and websites is increasing - good for them. If it's good for everyone, why shouldn't there be criticism?

Which writer or poet left a mark in the literature of the period of independence of Azerbaijan, which one was able to win the love of readers Can you name an interesting work? To be honest, I don't read much of our literature. . But I have read some of the latest books. There are things I like. in general, I have passed from fiction to scientific literature for almost three years now. I love to read scientific works. I watch documentaries. I feel like my brain needs more information. Either to understand myself or to understand creation. I don't know.. But fields like Mayan rituals, illuminati, Tesla's experiments, genetics are more interesting to me than a sad romance novel.

Do you think the Writers Guild can do what they can? Can you imagine yourself as the chairman of this institution? I am a member of the Union of Writers and at least once a month I visit there. There are young writers and poetsthere are some who are my friends. We sit and talk, learn something. What the writer needed was the main passion. In other words, we are not building a metal processing plant so that the Union of Writers can bring lifting cranes, find big sponsors, talk to BP, call Obama and tell them that everything is fine, they all write. I think I needed a pen and a notebook to write. In other words, there was no need for a strong support to write a good work. Even after writing a good work, there was no need for the Union of Writers to babysit the writer, support his family, buy him a jacket, sew a hat. A good writer can earn everything he needs just by selling his work. My works are selling well and I get the motivation for future works from the support of my buyers. There is nothing unusual here, just an exchange of values. I sell them "valuable words", and they pay me "valuable time". When I say "Precious Time" I mean money. That is, the money I earn from books allows me to work 8 hours in a bank and not waste my time on it. With readers' money, I don't need extra work, and extra work doesn't take up my time. I spend that free time on my new work. because writing a work is not an easy task, you puzzle for months.

Is it generally necessary for writers to unite in some institutions? I can't say, I just know that we have the main missing entity, or entity that I was not aware of, was the entity that ensured the transfer of these books to the stores. Perhaps the publishing house should have looked into this matter. In general, a list of bookstores and book selling points in Azerbaijan should be collected and the transfer of books to them should be ensured from one center or by several freely competing institutions. That is, the main problem faced by young writers was the problem of transferring books to stores. Shouldn't the writer carry books and go door-to-door to the regions? Any institution can do this, its interest willingly. With this, the book business is also properly taxed. Or, frankly, who knows how many books I've sold and whether I've evaded taxes? How can they determine this? No way. because there should be an institution that controls it.

Young people love your songs. And who likes your novel the most? Also, do your listeners read your book with love? With readerslisteners are sometimes the same, and sometimes there are people who like one and dislike the other. That is, people are different, tastes are different. It happens, it happens. But I don't deny that "A" in the rap was a novel and later they became interested in books and science. Also, my second novel "If I Had a Million Dollars" was published in 2009 and is selling as well as "A". The public is reading, what can I say.

Are you a contender for the National Book Award this year? I honestly don't know. To be honest, sometimes I have the thought that if I submit my second novel there, if the judges see that it was my novel, maybe they won't dare to give me a good grade just because of last year's criticism. And then I see that there are no such people in the jury to pay attention to empty criticism. On the other hand, I took the first place last time, and taking the 5th place this time does not help me either. They will say that he has weakened. But even if I did not participate, they will say that he was afraid and did not participate. That's why this situation reminds me of Mashadi Ibad's hat-wearing scene. "If I put it like that, I'll be the ram of Baku, if I put it like that, I'll be the Lotus of Shamakhi." It's best if I go bald" (laughs)

You are currently working on a new novel. What will it be about? The novel "If I had a million dollars" participation in the competition didn't, I can actually present it. Many people have said that my language and speech have improved in the second novel, and I can't tell a lie that I myself felt that there is more development in the second novel. There was more depth, if not more impressive. But apart from that, a new novel this last month i finished I wrote it in Russian. I know that why I write in Russian can cause controversy. I just have some feelings and thoughts that I can express better in Russian. I think there is nothing wrong here. Languages ​​were tools created for man. We have the right to use all of them. God did not create us for language, He created language for us. The theme of the new novel was a little crazy. I have touched on many biased points here, and to be honest, it will be a new and premature topic for the Azerbaijani reader. The public's reaction scares me a little. But I am sure of one thing that the young people of Azerbaijan needed this novel.

What do you have to say to your readers before the New Year? What can I say. Anyway, since I'm a writer and a rapper, I should probably say "The Right Word" for the New Year: "Santa Claus is nothing - they are deceiving you!" (laughs)

Interview 2 < /strong>

Dedicated to the memory of National Hero Mubariz Ibrahimov The 1st All-Republic Theater Festival of youth on the theme of patriotism continues. Regarding the festival, the AZXEBER.COM portal received an exclusive interview with the leader of the HOST group, well-known rapper Elkhan Garagan. We present the interview as is…

- The first all-republic theater festival on the theme of patriotism are hold. Honestly, would you join this festival as a young writer?

Let me note that the holding of the festival is commendable I think it is. I am sure that this festival will be successful for creative young people. It remains that if such a festival had been held 2 years ago, I would have participated with great pleasure. But I couldn't participate because I have a lot of work at the moment

-Maybe your popularity is just a festival participant Who is being prevented from joining? That is, the famous leader of HOST and suddenly did not win...

No, I wouldn't even associate the reason .

- What is patriotism for Karagan?

For me, patriotism is loving one's country and always being loyal to it.

- To love the country or to serve the country ?

I think loving the country.

"It is not necessary to die for the country... ”

-Many young people must love their country he sees in martyrdom.

I think dying to prove you love your country it is not necessary, on the contrary, it is important to live. It is about dying blindly. You can give more to your country by living.

- Garagan, who lives for the country, is in military service faced death while being?

I completed my military service in Nakhchivan. There were moments when I faced the enemy in the trenches. If at that moment the Armenian sniper in front of me had heard the news about the separation from his girlfriend, he could have killed me.

-It turns out that love in the trench better than patriotism?

It is something that depends on the psychology of people . Everyone's concept of love is different.

- What if that news came to you , would you kill that sniper?

I don't know. It is very difficult to imagine that moment now.

-Pre- and post-military Qargan. Do they differ?

Before the military I was a romantic . I must admit that after returning from the military, my general thoughts have completely changed. It just had to do with the environment I was in. I used to think that I would get in trouble for being a famous rapper, because of some of my thoughts, like I've seen in some movies. They will even beat me or take a video of me and post it on the internet. But it was completely different. I was very respected in Nakhchivan, where I was in military service. Even during my stay there, my soldier friends introduced me to their families and often invited me to visit them. This made me very happy.

-Soldiers shave their heads in military service . Did Karagan lose the thoughts he brought from Baku along with his hair in the army?

Actually, since the medium is completely different, this it did not go unnoticed in my thoughts. But the main thing is that I went there to do my duty as a soldier.

"In our country, girls enjoy their freedom in their long skirts, and the men hid it behind their mustaches."

-He really died for the country in military service were there many young people willing to pass?

Yes…There was… But looking it is born from pathos or from consciousness... You know, the thinking of some people in our country is gradually becoming very simple. because in our society, girls hide their freedom in their long skirts, and men hide behind their mustaches. We have a problem thinking. At present, this problem shows itself more in young people.

“We don't even have sex. "

-For example, what do young people don't you like

Let me give you a simple example. Remember this hour in the middle of Bakuif a meaty "plate" falls, our young people will quickly take out their mobile phones and take a picture of it. But if this happens in America, young people will be greeted with posters with the slogan "Welcome to America". See, this is our difference.

-What this difference has taken from us ?

our many things! For example, every young girl and boy have sex after marriage. This is natural. According to statistics, the sale of condoms in our country is only 0.03 percent. It follows that our population does not engage in sex. But we are not a religious country either. In short, we are not fully engaged in either sex or religion.

-A large crowd of young people behind him stopped. If you say in one of your tracks, "Tomorrow let's go and get Karabakh", will your fans follow you?

No, I don't believe they will.

"The opinion of my fans is not important to me .”

- But the opinion of your fans is important to you ?

No, it doesn't matter. I write what I want and what I think. I would even say: "Write first, think later."

-You recently mentioned in one of your interviews that 20 girls are ready to sleep with me in one day. Do you know those girls individually?

Yes, they are ready. As for the question, no... I don't know...

- In your raps, society, family, There are notes of rebellion against adults, and this is pessimistic in some young peopleleads to the formation of shunches. If a young girl who was influenced by his tracks and left her family comes to Garagan, will Garagan accept her?

He looks at his family. At the same time, let me clarify one issue that in my raps I never said "Leave your family, come to me".

"Every time we see a beautiful woman, we call our mother are we cursing?"

-There are some young people who go to Europe they don't like Azerbaijan after leaving. What would you like to say to those young people?

Dear, every time we see a beautiful woman, we think of our mother are we swearing? Of course, she is our mother. Every time we neglect this, we will never have a woman in our lives. Our mother is always the most beautiful woman in the world for us. So the Motherland too!



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