world of love

world of love

I asked for rain, "You have tears in your eyes," they said

  • Posted: 17/07/2023

There is only one night in a person's life. The queue lasts for a lifetime. And so it was. Be well, thank you, stay away. But don't see me again!

My heart is like broken glass, don't touch me. I still have a big smile when you fall into that heart!

These writings are mine, I admit, but the separation marks on them belong to him.

When things don't go away, it's over.

We left ... You say it's over to those who ask, I say I'm dead. because you left when you were my soul.

If we are not in these separations, no one will entrust us to God.

I think I'll do the best I can on my own; trip! And right to nowhere!

I can't say I'm gone anymore, I say I'm staying to everyone who asks.

Every love ends not when a man leaves, but when a woman forgets.

One morning, you stopped time. You added separation to autumn, all the clouds of the season gathered in my eyes and I couldn't rain on your gaze.

If the time is up and the parting bells start ringing, no words can express the feelings. No words can explain the storm in the heart.

My fathers taught that 'love' from where you will come is inevitable, 'love' that you don't expect, I can use the 'heart' as well. But they didn't say that if you sow 'love' you will reap 'separation'Yes!

if heart was against heart, when two lovers parted, only one side would not shed tears.

Now you can go quietly. You have already made a lot of noise.

Friends should know how to smile at each other if they are hurt and hear it when they are hurt

what are you in a mighty sea, what am I a broken ship in a lonely world waiting for someone else, what do I pity you I feel sorry for only one person, and that is the person who will replace me :(

We were not broken. I have one heart left in this life. You also broke it. God bless you!

No matter what anyone says, the resentments inside me cannot pass with a sweet word and a smile. I don't see!

While I was busy with my Life Goals, I was drowning in resentment at every word

On the Long and Dark Road of My Emotions I Search for My Broken Hopes Without You < /p>

My Frustration Is Not For You My Love Is For My Heart That Loves You

Say Your Last Word Don't Leave Me With Hurts This Love < /p>

Friends should not let go of a friend's hand even if they hear resentment

Nobody Asks Tell Me What's Your Trouble, My Trouble Has Been Life My Hatred For Nobody < /span>

I am only 20 years old Troubles have finished me I don't want to live maybe! But you are there I can't hold myself

Even if the troubles rot, I love you, I don't ask for medicine from life, it ends the troubles before they start.

Do you know how difficult it is to sleep with wet eyes, to carry a heart that bleeds when you touch it, to look around with longing eyes and how difficult it is to live this life without you



I asked for rain, "You have tears in your eyes," they said

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