Interview with Karagan

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

"I lack the concept of serious literature" The interview with the writer Garagan, a member of the HOST group, which they have just opened Kulis az in the cafe.

– Where did you come up with the idea of ​​opening a cafe?

Karagan:- Cafes in Azerbaijan are divided into two parts: donerkhanas and glamorkhanas. We decided to open a place where artists and creative young people can gather. We wanted to create a place where such people could enjoy. It can be seen from the design that this is a different place.

– Creative people coming? Did your expectations come true?

– We expected that 14-15 year olds would come here more often. It didn't happen. But still not bad.

– You once hid your workplace during an interview. You gave a reason that the girls would gather there. Is it the same now?

– All famous people in the world have fans. They go to celebrities' concerts, buy their books and read them. But we are a little different. All our boy fans want to be close friends. Female fans want to get married. The whole Azerbaijani society is like that. If a girl and a boy are sitting in a cafe or walking on the street, they must be lovers, or they must be married, or they must have sexual relations. There is no middle ground.

– Do you have any fans with whom you are normally friends?

– There are some people with whom I have a conversation, our ideas coincide. There are two kinds of people in the world: the person on stage and the person cheering for him.

– Do you have many readers or listeners?

– My readers are probably less than my listeners. in general, the number of listeners is greater than the number of readers in the whole country.

– Do listeners dominate your readership?

– There is an opinion that the popularity of my novels comes from my being a rapper. Of course, it has a role. But it seems that my thoughts as a writer were also interesting for the readers. One of the best selling books in fiction recently was mine.

– Can you make money from books?

– I win.

– How much did you make from your first novel, “A”?

– 30 thousand manats.

– Do you know Seymour Bayjan?

– I have read one or two of his articles, and I have seen one or two in life.

– He wrote that the tires of Garaga's Jeep are bigger than mine.

– I have a car. But I don't show myself off. This four wheeler is a piece of iron that I use to go from one point to another.

– Those young writers also wrote that what Garagan wrote was frivolous. Especially when you won the MKM, there was a lot of criticism. They even accused you of plagiarism.

– I lack the concept of serious literature.

– Compare non-serious literature with Uzeyir Mehdizade's place in musiccan be planted.

– As for intellectual weight, consider that I wrote the novel A when I was 19 i wrote It goes without saying that there is little intellectual weight there. But I don't accept your serious, non-serious words. Everyone needs literature. If I sit down and write this in my own language, then who needs it? Seriously easy to write. Sit down and write your thoughts as you understand them. 10 people will occupy the depth. But who will write for this poor people?

– But serious writing requires a lot of reading. In the first book, you admitted that the intellectual level was low. How much have you increased this level in the past time?

– When it comes to intellectualism, I think everything is fine, very good and in place. We can sit and talk about everything for hours and days. The novel "The Devil's Book" was not published. Those who know about him know what kind of intellectual level there is.

– Why didn't it appear?

– Just because of your intellectual level. if it came out, our people would not understand.

– Did you write in Azerbaijan?

– Yes.

– So what was the problem?

– The problem was society's ability to eat.

– who advised not to remove it?

– Recommended by my writer friends. Rashad Majid also did not advise to print. Our final decision was not to release this novel in book form.

– What was difficult about that novel?

– (thinks) He probably had too much intellectual dose. If one dose of nicotine can harm a person, if you give it to him, he can die. This is intellectual sit was not for the people of countries with less wealth. It was not for the level of Central Asian countries.

– You had a song called "I don't want". When I listened to him, I personally could not understand what you really want. From there it was understood that we should take the good ones from Europe and throw away the bad ones.

– This is a very funny word. Now globalization is going on. If Europe is coming, it will bring everything with it. If development comes, crimes will increase, bringing immorality with it. It is a system of the world. It's not a menu so you can choose what you want. According to statistics, 3 billion of 6 billion people are engaged in agriculture. That is, humanity does not have a strong intellectual level now. Most of them listen to pop music. European films will not beat the cheap Hollywood movies shot in a week. This shows the general intellectual level of humanity.

– Is your literature, the music you create against globalization?

– Not against globalization. We consider globalization to be inevitable.

– Is it against European values?

– No. He is not against that either. Our protest was against everything. We had nihilism, anarchy. Our main goal was to break certain frames in the brain. After those frames are broken, a person starts to look at the world in a slightly different way.

– were you able to break the frames?

– We broke a certain amount. If "HOST" now has a population of 20,000, and that population reads one book a month, it means that we were able to change them a little. We are in a circle, we don't know about people. Let's go and stop somewhere outside of Baku for an hour, then we will see in which country we live. We will see where their level is. Kafka wrote for intellectuals. But it is necessary to write for the people. It is necessary to feed the morally starving. The "Host" should be treated as a "Golden Crescent".

– Whose books have you read among our contemporaries?

– I have read the poems of Kismat, Narmin Kamal, the writings of Agshin Yenisey, Seymour Bayjan, Gan Turali, Hamid Herishchi's novel "Obituary".

– Did you learn anything from them?

– Sure, I learned.

– Who have you read from world literature? Who influenced you?

– I started with mythologies. I like Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Paulo Coelho. I like Zomer more than Zuskind's The Perfumer. Now I'm into science fantasy. Science fiction is where alternative scientific thinking exists. I also like religious works. Everything from the "Bible".

– What is your attitude towards religion?

– I am a man of faith. I am more interested in the next world than this life. Is there another world or not? I always research these.

– You don't accept religion as it is, you investigate it?

– No. Religion consists of allegories.

– Let's talk a little about your music. How did you get into rap?

– I have been listening since childhood. I was very interested in the life of rappers. I also used to say rap. Eminem's life was more interesting than Britney Spears's. Eminem is the most liked person on Facebook today.

– And who of ours have you listened to?

– I have listened to most of them. Khoseni, Anar Nağılbazi, Deyirmanı.

– How did the band come about?

– I used to write in the form of poetry. Then there was a studio opportunity. And after the formation of the group, we suddenly became famous. “HOST” came in a wave. Everyone listened to us. Now the listeners are hooked again. But those who understand us listen.

– “HOST”, your slogans were written on all the walls. Teenagers wore T-shirts with "HOST" written on them. How were these feelings?

– As a guy, the number of girls made me dizzy. 20 girls want to sleep with you in one day. I was wondering what should I do? Maybe I should only walk with models? Maybe be a sex symbol? These were the first feelings.

– Did you sleep with them all?

– (laughs) One should not get dizzy at that moment. The next one could be bad. Next is drugs and alcohol. I did not fall into that swamp.

– Were you most attracted to girls in celebrity?

– Actually, that's not what we came for. There was the romance of that age. We wanted to change the world. But I saw that they want to be friends with us, sleep with us, take pictures. Completely different desires arise. In other words, we collided with reality. We managed to protect ourselves. We did not join show business. We avoided television and glamorous parties.

– How many albums have you released?

– 8 albums.

– Approximately how much did it sell for?

– I don't know. More pirated discs are sold.

– So the album doesn't make a profit?

– Brings. But little. The main concerts.

– Recently, there is an "Uzeyir syndrome" in Azerbaijan. A group of people - they are in the majority - tenhe listens, the other group completely denies it, and the third group does not listen, but "those who want listen, not those who want," he says. I showed the above as an example. How do you feel about this type of music and those who listen to it?

– swims and doesn't do bad things. A man does not kill. He writes and sings songs. It does not give the world a bad thing. Not aggressive thoughts. It has an audience. They listen and enjoy it. They also enjoy each other. Why should it hurt me that they enjoy each other? Why should I be worse? It's convenient, too. Both reach orgasm. I can't say anything bad about it.



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