Celebrities who use drugs

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

"Ulduzlar" drug use and it is a reality today that many people die from drugs. Modern.az presents to its readers celebrities who are "sensitive" to drugs.

The innkeeper known for the song "Gosh-Gosh" Zaur Ashiq 's death is due to his use of drugs. It is even mentioned that he had a needle in his arm when he died.

World famous Whitney Houston < /span>'s death was reportedly caused by cocaine. In February of this year, the singer was found dead in the suite of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles.

In 2009, the "King of Pop" After Michael Jackson 's doctor prescribed him the deadly narcotic painkiller Propofol, the world-famous singer died from that drug.

Popular from a young age Shakira < /span> was also a drug dealer. The reason for this was that the singer paid for the "SONY Music" studio, where he prepared "Gimmicky pop".

The actor we know from many movies including the Dark Knight Heath Ledger died in 2008 after taking an overdose of prescription drugs.

American solo singer and composer Janis Joplin died at the age of 27 from a high dose of heroin.

Another American artist Rudy Lewis died of a drug overdose.

Actress Lindsay Lohan alcohol vhe uses drugs.

Britney Spears took a long break from acting due to depression and drug-related problems. The star managed to stand on his feet again only in 2011.

Famous singer Peris Hilton < /span> also often comes up with drug use.

Tarkan in Turkey 's name is mentioned among those who use drugs. Even a famous pop star was arrested on charges of using drugs. He was later released.

Ibrahim Tatlises also used drugs in his youth. In one of his interviews, the artist mentioned that he used drugs in his youth. But he called the young people to stay away from it.

Actor known for the TV series "Leaf Casting" Shevket (Caner Kurtaran) had health problems due to the use of cocaine.

One of those arrested on charges of taking drugs is a well-known Turkish artist Deniz Saki is. The singer was accused of using and distributing narcotics and was detained for 218 days.

Famous singer Yıldız Tilbe < /span> is also included among drug users. The singer was arrested in 1996 for using drugs. At the same time, the artist received treatment to get rid of drug addiction.

And now let's get to know the famous people who quit drugs in Azerbaijan:

Honored artist, renowned guitarist Ramish has been a drug user for a long time. In one of his interviews, "I have been using drugs since I was a child, because I live in "Kubinka", in the "Dağli neighborhood". Drugs have affected my health very badly, this is true. If anyone used drugs as much as I did, was not there for a long time - this is the truth. See how good a servant of God I am, that I am still alive and not dead."

Rapper Huseyn Darya was among the celebrities who used drugs. That's why the artist's family is broken. Heroin was found on Huseyn Darya during the operation conducted by the staff of the General Anti-Narcotics Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and he was arrested. He was released after some time.

Other rappers Anar Nağılbaz and Elshad Jose also have articles in the press about their use of drugs. Even though rapper Elshad Jose was arrested last year on drug charges, he was later released.

Singer Elchin Jalilov 's death is attributed to drug use.

Skipper Natig Nuriyev is also reported to have drug addiction in his youth.

Also most bartenders reported to be a drug user.



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