How will the duration of these series be shortened?

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

Serials usurped our nights. Most of us gather in front of the TV as soon as we get out of the house in the evening and get locked into the TV series, which lasts more than 3 hours, even though it is 90 minutes long. In the series, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, they calculate very precisely where we will laugh, where we will cry, where we will be angry. It's past midnight, we haven't been able to leave the series yet. Sometimes everyone in the family has their own TV series, and arguments start over the channel. Therefore, the wealthy no longer buy televisions per household, but for each family member.

Who wants to see what. Sometimes there are people who watch two serials at the same time, that is, calling them here and there between commercials. The advertisement is getting longer as it goes on.

Milli.Az quoting "Zaman Azerbaijan" informs that experts say that they believe that reducing the duration of TV series to 45 minutes will be both useful and improve their quality. But don't let this task seem so easy to you. because there is not one, but several interested parties related to the issue.

The Television and Radio Council is interested in this issue, as well as the companies that shoot the series and those who advertise it. When you examine the matter clearly, it is clear that everything revolves around material interests, and when it comes to work, everyone throws the ball to the other. This is how the system works. The company making the series agrees on a certain amount with the TV channel. The channel also gives a bonus based on the rating of that series. Thus, if the channels pay a high amount at the beginning and do not own the series, the company can turn to another channel after a while. On the one hand, the company spends a high amount on the first episodes of the series to earn a high bonus. He tries to make everything beautiful. Perhaps in the first stages, the company itself cannot earn anything, but it is hopeful for the future, because after gathering a large audience, its rating increases and so does its profit.

Akram Chatay and his son Kerem "What is Fatmagul's fault?" is the owner of "Ay Yapım" that produced the TV series. Father and son prepare the project together and make decisions together. The father negotiates with TV channels with 40 years of experience, while the son works on the implementation of projects. Akram Chatay "How to shorten the duration of serials?" answers the question as follows:

– Currently, one episode of the series requires at least 84 minutes. If not, we will drown in loss. We have to keep the advertising price high. But there is one thingTV channels should come together and solve the issue. I can't think of anything else. If TV channels act in consensus, advertising companies cannot interfere. Some people think that the longer the series, the more we earn. Not at all. Maybe we lose. because we have to build a second square to grow the business.

– How much does a well-rated and watched series bring to the company and the state?

– Serial work is different. That is, there is no such thing as "if you do this work, you will add 20 percent to the amount you spent, and you will have a profit." There is no such thing as a win for every project. Surely, somewhere, you suffer serious losses, but you have to endure this loss to protect your job and reputation. In addition, you pay income tax to the state, and you have to pay various bills. The state, of course, wins, but if I were the state, I would do it differently. For example, I would call the company that produces the series, I would say that it is your business which channel you are filming on, pay me that much of the amount you receive, I have nothing to do with you. As someone who has been engaged in this business for many years, I believe that the state will earn more if it does this.

– Then why don't they do it?

– It seems that they have not paid enough attention to the series sector at the state level. Do you know that there are many Turkish series among the most watched series in the world at this time. In Syria, Iraq, and various Arab countries, people bought a dish antenna and pointed it at our satellite to watch our series. Our serials are still broadcast with subtitles in many Arab countries. Turkish rating is very high in European countries, Bulgaria, Croatia, and societies that feel close to us historically. As for Turkic-speaking countries, Azerbaijan and others mostly watch our TV series.

– You say that we can sell our TV series to Middle Eastern countries. Why can't we sell to Europe and America?

– It's a bit about culture. "Ezel" series was sold to 30 countries in a short period of time. It is true that America is not one of these 30, but Italy is closely interested in our series. We believe that everything will fall into place with time. Now, we just need to support our series. Let me say that in the last 4 years, the Turkish image formed by Turkish serials in the world has gained popularity, and we were not able to see this even 20-30 years ago.

– But the battle scenes don't look very convincing.

– Let me tell you a fact: in 2010, 2 billion liras (about 1 billion manats) were allocated to all our TV channels to shoot series. Can you imagine, all TV channels have to share this amount among themselves. In Greece, this indicator was higher than 3.5 billion. Now compare it yourself: 75 million ehIf 2 billion liras are allocated for TV series in Turkey, which has a majority, and 3.5 billion liras are allocated in Greece, which has 12 million, of course, this will have an impact on the quality. Also, think for yourself: in a series where you signed a contract for 300-400 thousand lira, you cannot provide everything at the highest level. The time limit is also in place. You must complete the episode within a week and submit it to the TV channel.

– Let's assume that it is possible to shoot a 13-part series and then sell it?

– But think about who will finance you to make these series.

All these are not pre-planned affairs, ratings are played from episode to episode, discussions are held every time, the good and bad sides of the work are taken and put.

Commercial every twenty minutes

Faruk Turgut, the owner of "Gold Yapım" company, proposes to regulate the issue of advertisement placement in serials. He says that according to the former regulations of the Television and Radio Council, a maximum of 7 minutes of advertising could be placed for every twenty minutes of the series. This issue has been raised in the new regulations. Now it says that you can place maximum number of ads in this section. If the channel wants, it can give this commercial in the very first minute or in the 89th minute. In the new regulation, the duration of advertisements has been significantly increased. I suggest that in order to improve the quality of our serials and not to offend the audience, advertising prices should be increased and their duration should be shortened. This issue cannot be resolved only by the decision of the Television and Radio Council. Since all parties are interested here, they should sit around the table, discuss everything in detail, and come to a joint decision.

It's very difficult because everything is about money

"Kanal-D" becomes both a customer and an executive party in the series. So, he starts filming some of the serials he broadcasts. In his statement on the issue, Pelin's farmer says that everything is related to finances, so the problem will not be solved easily:

– In recent years, the cost of serials has been increasing. Series competing with the world are already being filmed. Turkish serials are watched not only in Arab countries and sister countries, but also in the West. The funds allocated to one episode are enough to cover the cost of 4 commercials that we placed for a period of 85 minutes. That's why the matter gets worse. It is necessary to raise the price of advertisements or extend the duration of the series. If an agreement is reached, we can reduce the duration of an episode from 85 minutes to 45 minutes. Then everything will change completely. That is, the picture is in front of your eyes, you just need to think mathematically and find a solution.

Gunduz Özdemir: "Making advertising more expensive is not a solution"

Ozdemir, the owner of the advertising company: "The commercialshortening is beneficial for both parties. However, increasing the cost of advertising will put small firms in a very difficult position. At this time, they will either have to withdraw from the market or go bankrupt."

Chairman of the Television and Radio Council: "We do not determine the advertising price"

Chairman of the Television and Radio Council Davud Dursun says that 100 local and 40 foreign series are broadcast in Turkey. He also adds that each episode of foreign series is 40 minutes on average. Local serials last up to 90 minutes. This issue, i.e. the shortening of the duration of the serials, should be solved by the customer and the executive parties together. All TV channels should come to a common opinion so that advertising companies do not run from here to here. The advertising price is not determined by the council, the prices are regulated by the market. Therefore, it is necessary to approach everything objectively so that new problems do not arise later. The most correct thing is for the state to prepare a special project on this issue, so that with the support of the state, everything will settle down for a while, and then it will continue in that way.



How will the duration of these series be shortened?

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