Sabina Babayeva: "I will prove that..."

  • Posted: 19/07/2023

On February 12, in the Heydar Aliyev Palace, the representative of Azerbaijan in "Eurovision-2012" The national final night for the election has ended.

Sabina Babayeva will represent our country at the "Eurovision-2012" competition, which will be held in May this year in Baku, according to the judges' choice.

– Sabina, how did you choose the music?

– God gave me a heart that loved to read from birth. I have been reading since childhood. I used to go to a children's choir, then I finished school and entered the vocal class of a music school. After that, songs, competitions and festivals began. Everything was taken by itself… – How many times has “ Are you participating in Eurovision?

– This is the fourth time. – Where do you get this stubbornness from? Does it come from a character?.. – Yes. I like to achieve what I want (laughs). But this is a multi-level, popular, well-maintained competition. For me personally, as a singer, this is interesting. As a patriot, of course I would like to represent my country well. And as a singer, I understand that this competition is a good artistic experience.

– What does performing at Eurovision mean to you as a performer? After all, after the victory of Azerbaijan in this competition, it is a great responsibility to represent our country in this competition.

– On the contrary, I want to prove that Azerbaijan did not win by chance. We can win decent places.

– So it won't be difficult to win first place for the second time?

– (smiles) We will try.

– Sabina, have you been playing jazz for a long time?

– I don't play real traditional jazz. I sing in several jazz directions - soul, blues, ballad, bossa nova.

– What other genres do you prefer?

- I love Azerbaijani musicians - both classical and folk songs.

– How do you feel about Mugham?

– Great! I wish to play mugham someday. I love my mug, I have been taking lessons for a while and will definitely continue them.

– It has become fashionable to include mugham elements in our songs, if they give you a song like this… < /p>

– Great. I will only be happy.

- What do you think the Azerbaijani song should be this year? Husniyya said that she should be more aggressive, what do you think?

– In principle, I agree. It should be aggressive and bright in a good way, very dynamic, instill only high positive feelings.

– What if you have to sing a duet?..

– I am confident in my strength, I can do it alone, my age and experience allow it. But if such a decision is made, I will not doubt the objectivity of the judges. because year after year we show better results - this includes both solos and duets. – But still, duets work better, don't they? ? – This is a personal matter. People are different, destinies are different (laughs).

– What does your family think about you being a singer and participating in this competition?

– They support me. Thank them for that.



Sabina Babayeva: "I will prove that..."

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