• Posted: 19/07/2023

– You don't even have time to meet Zamiq, you're busy all day. Like everyone else, you make a music video and promote a song...

– Maybe there is a gap, maybe we can't attract a large crowd. But I don't feel it. Everyone has a lot of work. I take it from myself, I have structured my program in such a way that I have time for sports, meeting, dancing, and music. And there is free time, and that is the time to sleep in the evening. I mean, I can't feel it.

– I am not talking about everyday life, but about the space on the stage. Everything is normal. There is no explosion on the stage...

– Let's talk like this, Turkish singers used to when he came, he gave a concert for 5 days, but the hall was still full. But now it is different. There is no interest in foreign singers.

– Ilhama Gasimova, who has been on the stage for 5 years, is now a European hit -appears in parades.

– Other singers are also trying to go abroad. At least he's making a music video. I recently visited Turkey and sang the song of the famous artist and composer Salami Sahin. The most important thing is the budget, not by aspiring abroad. You should have ample opportunity.

– You can't afford it?

– We are making a living, I have no complaints.

– You are the most popular and in-demand male singer of the new generation. The "Homeland" tour, covering the whole of Azerbaijan, confirmed that there is a demand for Roy and Zamik. Besides, you seem to be content with it. You work only for Azerbaijani show business.

– At least we aspire to Turkish show business. Roya and I have shot music videos in Turkey. I have made many speeches at openings and events in Turkey. We also have this desire.

– “Why shouldn't Azerbaijan have a mega-star?" - have you asked yourself?

– Why not? I want too.

- I think that you pay more attention to passing than investing in art. …

– Let me bring one point to your attention. It wasn't like that when I was just starting art. I lived in a hostel until three years ago. But when was I going to make a living? I should throw away my life, put the money into my work, come home and look at my living, and I live in a house with no amenities, a bathroom and a toilet in one place. I also needed a house. The inner world of man requires beauty. You should also see beauty when you come home. I am not saying that everything is solved by material things.

– I understand, I'm glad you got what you wanted already…

– No. It cannot be said that this was all I wanted.

– So what do you want?

– I want to be known in the world. I want to be known everywhere, work with world musicians, have my music videos broadcast on TV channels of other countries. But many people think that Zamiq earns a lot and has a lot of money. God, I can't afford it.

- Tunzale Aghayeva also lacks financial means. But we often see him outside the country on trips and concerts.

– We are leaving. I also give concerts in other countries on the state line.

– They think about work rather than profit.

– I wholeheartedly support them. God help them. I am available for support if needed. I can't say that it is more than that.

– At that time, when you came to art, you had no money to start, who did it help you

– There is no difference then and now. I just came to art then and today there is development.

– How do you feel the development?

– At my concerts.

– Are you not bored with the place you are now, the status? I mean, don't you want something better?

– I always work. I ask God for the fruit of my work. I never set a goal for myself.

– Why? But female singers who come to the stage by chance choose more goals and objectives. You don't choose goals and objectives for yourself, no matter how talented you are.

– No. I'm going towards that dream. But if it doesn't happen, not by killing myself. So, God doesn't recommend it. Right now, I'm going to set myself an empty goal to become the most famous star in France and England. For this goal you have to take the right step, you have to ask God for the fruit. It's not possible at the moment. My budget doesn't allow it.

– You can learn English well, choose a repertoire, send it to music companies there via the Internet...

– Let's still be recognized in Turkey, let the rest of the countries remain...

– It's the second conversation with you that I feel you are faithful.

– I have a lot of faith.

– But your art and this faith do not coincide. The place where you are is the place where there are many sins.

– I don't think so at all. Everything depends on the person himself. Evil is in the heart. What does it have to do with art?

– It's not about the inner world, but about action.

– It doesn't matter. It's the main heart of a person. Everyone lies. There are lies that save a person. I consider the show business we are in the best job. What am I? Whose rights am I eating? If there is such a thing , God will not bring me out alive tomorrow... We all draw a picture of our life, in that world the picture of our life will be revealed. No matter how anyone draws himself. I know what I am. I am satisfied with where I am today. It does not mean that I am satisfied with myself. I am satisfied with my God. And I am thankful

– Are you satisfied with the qualities you carry?

– I know I'm not doing bad things. Every day when I sleep, I pray to God that God will keep me away from bad deeds and bad people. My soul is alive, my surroundings are beautiful and I am happy with where I am. If God lifts me up, let him lift me up to the good.

– You have friends around you to lean on, to open up to when your heart is full. ?

– there are many. There are many quality people. I am proud of my country. I mean sincerely. I am happy, believing people are increasing in Azerbaijan.

– Maybe you want to motivate yourself?

– No. I say this word more often in other countries. I am quite sincere!

– But you are always tense, what is it about?

– I'm not nervous. I don't like injustice. When I say and hear things that don't exist, I say, what kind of life is this?!

– But it seems to me that you have complexes. Do you see it yourself?

– Yes, there is. I know there is. It is actually a responsibility. All responsible people have a complex. When I go on stage, I feel a great sense of responsibility, I am tense. But after a certain period of time, I feel that everything is in order and fix it.

– There is the excitement of a concert, and there is tension in everyday life.

– On a normal day, I am excited when I sit down for an interview with you. You can ask me a question that I will have a hard time finding an answer to. Every job has a responsibility. This also discourages me, but I know it is good for me. I don't take it as a negative.

– Don't you think you should be confident?

– Self-confidence also means self-satisfaction. I am confident in my work. But this is a responsibility. I can sing out, I can go out of rhythm. This is causing me distress. But at the same time, I believe that everything should be fine. But I have an addiction to musicians. I'm not comfortable when it's not in order. This creates tension.

– What time of the day are you Zamik and what time are you a musician Zamik?

– Until noon and after 1-2 am I'm Zamik. The rest of the time I'm a musician Zamik.

– Who do you feel comfortable with?

– I am comfortable everywhere. Sometimes there are people who give me negative energy. Sometimes they talk in such a way that I look and think, how does this live...

– So you are very petty...

– a lot! That person is not in a dialogue with me, he is speaking another word. Therefore, I communicate with few people. Why should I communicate with those people?




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