Machete – Tenderness

  • Posted: 14/07/2023

Machete – Нежность скачать Machete – Tenderness

Machete Tenderness  Text:

When I saw you for the first time

Ето смех

Ты мне помомнила по-моей

Разу всех

Кого я либуд, с Who wanted to be together? >

But we haven't broken up yet

And I already want to see you again

I can't smell the smell of your hair

Can you stay?

Первый поцелуй

На губах твоё имя

Простые слова

Но я гордился ими

Так много всего around me, but with you otherwise


I was afraid to lose you,

Такая красивая

I couldn't listen to how you breathe,

I don't need anything without you, you hear!?

We started a dream

Our path to success

Our day was long

< p> And filled with laughter

We lived without time,

Without thinking about years and minutes

We rejoiced like children

When we found money in winter jackets

We didn't need fame

And gold cards

We simply loved

And they shone like light bulbs

You're like someone from another planet

You don't look like anyone

I'm talking about you

And I have goosebumps

Мы всегда разбались себя,

Чему я так ради

Мы просые гебята,

А не бонни и Clyde

Думаем друг о friend

We are glad that we live

How invisible

Cracks on the forehead

And if you ask me,

Do I have a secret,

I will say that I am happy,

Because I have you

We will always be together, listen

I have nothing in this world without youyou don't need it!!!

I am grateful to the sky,

I am grateful to fate,

I dedicate this song to you

I understood with you,

Who I am.

All my fears

Far away

In this city,

In this apartment,

В in this life, in this strange world,

I am asking you, be close to me,

You are my love,

You are everything I need



Machete – Tenderness

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