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Beautiful words

  • Posted: 12/07/2023

1. It is easy to die for a friend, but hard to find a friend to die for.

2. Never give up on anyone, maybe that's all they have.

3. Dream whatever you want to dream, go wherever you want to go, be with whoever you want to be, think you have a life to live and a chance to do it all.

4. I deleted everything, for a new life, for you.

5. When everyone smiles it's the same with you, but what about when you cry? Everyone shares in the victories, but what about the defeats? Choose such a friend, let him come to the door with you when the bad day knocks on the door.

6. I didn't love you as much as a star, in case you slip one day, I didn't love you as much as the sun, in case you set one day, I have you in my heart I loved you so that you always stay there.

7. Our destiny in places it is written from birth, our poems explain our life, our love is as brave as our heart. The word "I forgot you" is found on the tombstone.

8. Don't love youeven if the one who doesn't love you is the owner of the world, love you even if the one who loves you is the shepherd on the mountain .

9. Remember what you forgot, look for what you lost, go find what you expected, ask for forgiveness if you hurt, forgive if you hurt, express it if you love. Today's life is very short.

10. There are eyes that understand words, there are words that understand eyes, and there is love that understands you.

11. In the world where I am alone will you be my world I loved you like the seas. Will you be my lighthouse?

12. You would call me my dear, you would call me my smile, you would wait for my ways every night. I was your world, I was your end, I was everything, you were the one who told me these things, not me.

13. Lonely nights, I am suddenly of those who wait for hope, dreams of the desperate, rainy streets, smiling lips, sad hands, and you are just mine.

14. I had a single enemy when I slept with his head on my chest. "TIME" that has passed, is gone and will end.

15. If they say who loves you the most; Can you give me my name? If they say why are you waiting for him; Can you say for our love? Himif they say forget it; Can you never say yes? If they say what is the purpose of your love; Can you say there is death and no separation?

16. Have you ever seen the green of the forest under the sea? Don't say it's impossible, because I saw in your eyes a heaven that even the dead can't see.

17. I wrote the name on the trees , they burned, I wrote on the sky, it rained and flowed. This time I write in my heart, death will only erase your name from there.

18. Let there be two colors of flowers in the world. The red ones are yours, the white ones are mine. If you forget me, red roses will fade, if I forget you, white roses will be my shroud.

19. I loaded with clouds, I sent my longing, I sent my love with the winds, I rained my tears with the rain, I sent you little angels to kiss you! Did they come?

20. I will love you forever as long as your eyes are in my eyes, your hands are in my hands, the heart is in me and the soul is in my body.

21. What God will give you let happiness be the greatest punishment. You want to cry, but let your tears flow.

22. Don't think that someone else will erase your name, I started with you and it will end with you!

23. HeyWhat are you sitting in the cage, nightingale? Break the cage prove your love. My world is dark without you. Give me my light, give me my water. Give me back my heart.

24. Every lover is a nameless hero, and a person is as human as he can love.

25. Lips tell lies but the eyes never



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