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Words of famous philosophers

  • Posted: 12/07/2023

Words of famous philosophers * Every religion is as true as the other religions. Burton

* People write about religion, fight and die, but they do not know how to live for religion. Colton

* A diplomat is a man who remembers women's birthdays but forgets their ages. Anonymous

* I love nature more, not less. Lord Byron

* Nature's greatest gift is the brevity of life. Plinius

* Against everything, everyone kills the one he loves. Some do it with a stern look, some with a smiling word, a coward with a kiss, a brave man with a sword... Oscar Wilde

* A lie is mortal, a truth is immortal. Mary Bakhar Eddy

* It takes two people to tell the truth: the one who tells the truth and the one who listens! Thoreau

* Do you know why we have a tongue for our two ears? Let's listen a lot and talk less. Diogenes

* One cannot be so deaf as to not want to hear. M. Henry

* Education does not make a person a dictator, but a leader. Lord Brougham

* Education begins with respect for students. Emerson

* Education is an investment for the poor and interest for the rich. Heinrich Mann

* Like natural plants, natural abilities also want to be looked at. Bacon As we age, the limits of our abilities become apparent, j. A. Proude

*I will try everything; but i will do what i can. Herman Melville

* To retain one's ability is a matter of great ability. La Rochefoucauld

* A chick is a giant if it climbs a mountain, and a giant if it goes into a well. By year

* If you can't get what you love, try to love what you get. Corneille

* The beating of the heart is the sound of death. Schiller

*A book is a companion that never deceives. Guilbert De Pixrecourt

* Good books are very good, bad books are also very bad. Emerson

*Fear should be the only thing we fear. F. D. Roosevelt

*One does not love the person one fears. Aristo

*The biting and barking of a fearful dog will never stay with you. Quintus Curtus Rufus

*Fear is born of ignorance. Emerson



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