Windows XP Pro SP3 VuSaL Edition 2010 + Azeri MUI

  • Posted: 11/07/2023

Windows XP Pro SP3 VuSaL Edition 2010+Azeri MUI+SATA/RAID Driver – First of all, let me mention that the Operating System is completely original. This system is a replacement of the previous system (Windows XP Pro SP3 VuSaL Edition 2010+Drivers) is a modified version. The system has been completely changed visually. Icons, cursors, themes, etc. added. Even if the system is modified, the performance of the system has not lost its quality, and in addition, the quality of the system has been improved with the help of registry files. Everyone will like the appearance of the system. The Aero transparent appearance of the windows will remind you of Windows 7. The most important feature of the system is The Azerbaijani Language Pack is integrated. The operating system will be installed automatically. It does not require a key and subsequent activation. The first time the system is opened, the Azerbaijani Language Pack will be loaded. When the system is restarted (Перезагрузка / Restart), the operating system will change to the Azerbaijani language (65% language changes). Language package is integrated into the Russian system. If you want the system to be in Russian, it is enough to delete the Azeri Language Package. The reason the system is original is that the Language Package can be loaded without any problems. I should note that the Azeri Language Package is not loaded on every system. The Operating System must be original and the key must not be blocked. End I have added the SATA/RAID driver to the system due to the problems of not recognizing the hard disk when formatting SATA-supported hard disks (HDD). The system setup may be a little late. The reason is that some programs mainly download Net Framework 1.0-2.0-3.0-3.5 versions. Format it was impossible to have a problem with the timing. Because the system was checked many times on Virtual PC, VMware Workstation and normal PC. Brief information about the system:

Release: 2010

Interface: Russian + Azerbaijani Language Pack

Platform: 86x(32bit)

Key: Not required. (Original)

Size: 675 Mb

Format: ISO

Minimum system requirements:

CPU: Pentium 4.3 Ghz / Dual Core 2.0 Ghz / Core 2 Duo 2.9 Ghz +

RAM: 128 / 512 / 2Gb Mb DDR2 +

HDD: 3 Gb free space

Integrated Service packages:

-KB923561 KB931125 KB932716 KB938759

-KB942288 KB943729 KB944043 KB946648

-KB950762 KB950974 KB951376 KB952004

-KB951618 KB951830 KB951978 KB952011

-KB952287 KB952954 KB953155 KB954708

-KB954920 KB955417 KB955704 KB955759

-KB956572 KB956744 KB956802 KB956844

-KB957579 KB958644 KB958655 KB958869

-KB959426 KB960680 KB960859 KB961118

-KB961501 KB961503 KB967715 KB968389

-KB969059 KB969084 KB969395 KB970430

-KB970483 KB971029 KB971314 KB971468

-KB971513 KB971657 KB971737 KB971961

-KB973685 KB973687 KB973815 KB973869

-KB973904 KB974112 KB974318 KB974392

-KB974571 KB974841 KB975025 KB975254

-KB975467 KB975560 KB975561 KB975562

-KB975713 KB976323 KB977377 KB977816

-KB977914 KB978037 KB978338 KB978542

-KB978601 KB978706 KB979309 KB979482

-KB979559 KB979683 KB980195 KB980218

-KB980232 KB981349 KB981793 KB982381

-KB972270 KB973507

Integrated programs and components:

-Internet Explore 8.0

-Windows Media Player 11

-Adobe Flash Player 10.1 AciteX

-Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Plugin

-Adobe Shockwave Player 11.5

-Java Runtime 6 Uptade 21

-K-Lite Codec Pack 6.5 Full

-Microsoft Silverlight

-Direct X 9.0 June 2010

-NET Framework 1.1 + Russian Lang Pack

-NET Framework 2.0 + Russian Lang Pack

-NET Framework 3.0 + Russian Lang Pack

-NET Framework 3.5 + Russian Lang Pack

-Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010 Redistributable x86

-MSXML 4.0 SP3 Parser

-WinRAR 3.93

-Windows Sidebar 6.0.6002

-45 Gadgets

-Vista Drive Icon 6in1

-Visual Task 3.4

-Rocket Dock 1.3.5 + Icons + Theme

-27 Vista Screensavers

-TrueTransparency 1.4.1 + 13 Themes

-Yz Shadow 1.9

-Windows 7 sound package

-53 Cursors

-40 Themes

Integrated Driver package:

-MassStorage 10.06 (SATA/RAID)

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